The use of bio-foil explained

The biofoil is inextricably linked to the Ipomoea batatas cultivation. But what about that actually? In this article you can read the Who, What and Why of the biofoil

Christmas table decoration including Poinsettia

The holidays are getting closer, so it is about time to start with the Christmas decorations! Maybe you’re already busy decorating or still looking for inspiration, in both cases you came to the right place. In this article, we give you tips to easily transform a table into a Christmas table using our Poinsettia.

Styling tips for the winter garden

Pruning waste? Make something beautiful!

In this article we have put together a number of setups, which will show what you can do with your pruning waste. Get inspired and create a completely new winter look for your garden.

Sweet potato soup

Have you already tasted the sweet potato soup?

Here to read the recipe and full cooking description

Chrysanthemum show ‘Autumny’ in castle gardens Arcen

Another year where our chrysanthemums were on display in the beautiful show ‘Autumny’ in the castle gardens of Arcen. In this strange corona time, this show seemed like the perfect getaway to rediscover nature and enjoy the fall colors. Every year the castle gardens of Arcen are converted into a beautiful show which the chrysanthemum…

Our beetroot is On the way to PlanetProof

On the way to PlanetProof! This week, an interesting article by HAK was published about the developments surrounding the “On the way to Planet Proof” quality mark that we have recently been allowed to give to our red beets and kale. This article answers the question of what is involved in obtaining this quality mark….

Chrysanthemum Show in Arcen

“Chrysanthemums give color to autumn.” Have you ever visited a flower festival in which the Chrysanthemum plays the leading role? This year our Chrysanthemums can be admired in the gardens of the castle of Arcen! …