Water Damage by Heavy Rainstorms Limited thanks to Biofoil

“We were completely overwhelmed, but today we have an estimation of the damage” …

In the end of June many agricultural companies in the south of the Netherlands had to deal with heavy thunderstorms. In parts of the country the sky became entirely black, rain started pouring down and some of the thunderstorms contained hail, with hailstones as big as tennis balls. This exceptional hailstorm caused millions of euros of damage, by which regional agricultural companies were affected mostly.

Also Croyse Loop had to deal with the heavy rainstorms that caused a massive flood. During the past months we have worked hard to limit the damage and to complete the cultivation in the best way possible.

Currently the plants are in good condition again. Thanks to the biofoil we were able to limit the damage. Today we can enjoy the expansive fields full of flower bulbs again. The chrysanthemums and the asters are leaving the field rapidly!