New! The Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes from the Netherlands? A big challenge! …

Have you already heard of the sweet potato? This product tends to be part of the Dutch kitchen more regularly… and now you will find it on the Dutch fields too!

We are one of the few growers in the Netherlands that have accepted the big challenge to grow the exotic product in the Netherlands. The cultivation in the Netherlands is new and so is the method of harvesting. That will be a whole new challenge! For the production we use biofoil, just like we do for the production of chrysanthemums and asters. Partly because of that the production looks quite promising.

In contrast to its name the sweet potato is not a potato but a vegetable. The Ipomoea Batata is not only delicious, but also very healthy. Try it tonight for dinner! In the tab “Sweet Potato” you will find more information about our sweet potatoes.