Styling tips for the winter garden

Pruning waste? Make something beautiful!


The days are getting shorter and the temperature starts to drop, which means it is about time to make the garden winter-ready. But after all that pruning lots of green waste will be leftover. But is this really a waste? Below we have put together a number of setups, these will show what you can do with your pruning waste. Get inspired and create a completely new winter look for your garden.

Take a large pot or bucket in which you add potting soil. This creates stability for the pot and a solid surface on which to stick the greenery. You can also place pruning branches in the center in which you can stab the greenery.

Dried flowers are totally trending this year. If you have this pampas grass ( Cortaderia ) in your garden, use it with other green branches. This creates a softer but certainly also wintery appearance. The Holly with the red berries completes the winter look. If you don’t have the Holly in your garden, use other branches with red/orange colored leaves to create color variation in your creation.

Also, use different types of green in your creation. This provides a dynamic and playful effect. For example, use Conifers in combination with Laurel branches and try different things.

In addition, add Coarse branches to complete the winter creation.

Below you will find an impression of the creations made by us. Be inspired and, above all, get started yourself. We wish you a lot of fun, and do share your creations with us!

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