Christmas table decoration including Poinsettia

Do you already have it in your home, the Poinsettia?

The holidays are getting closer, so it is about time to start with the Christmas decorations! Maybe you’re already busy decorating or still looking for inspiration, in both cases you came to the right place. In this article, we give you tips to easily transform a table into a Christmas table using our Poinsettia.

For this Christmas table, you will need, one or more poinsettias, pine cones (or other natural materials), Christmas decorations such as baubles, a colored table cover, and/or a table runner or ribbons. Choose a color – theme and use this theme in your entire home. This creates unity and peace. In addition, finish the Christmas table with fir greenery and candles. (For safety reasons you could use candles on battery, these are available in different garden centers)

Spread the table cover over your table, and/or place the table runner or ribbons across the width of the table, this will dress the table. Then place the poinsettias in a Christmas theme pot (e.g. in gold) on the table. If you prefer a neutral Christmas look, use a pot in earth tones. Now you can start with the other decorations.

Divide the candles on the table and place the fir greenery between them. Position the pine cones (or other natural materials) on the fir greenery and finish the table with baubles. (If you don’t want to use pine cones or/and fir greenery, then create a table with only Christmas decorations)

To make your table unique, use other elements like a reindeer, wooden Christmas tree, or other Christmas element on the table. To enhance the winter feeling, use elements from the outside (e.g. crown on a golden bowl). In addition, place elements on different heights, this will create a more playful look. 

Tip: Colors-themes that will match to a red poinsettia is:

Bordeaux Red
/ Green / Gold 

Sand-brown / Old Pink / Black 

Brown / Silver / White


And last but not least, use old Christmas decorations. In 2020 the vintage look is very trending. But above all, let your creativity run free and get started quickly! All the more you can enjoy your nice and cozy Christmas table longer!

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