Chrysanthemum show ‘Autumny’ in castle gardens Arcen

Another year where our chrysanthemums were on display in the beautiful show ‘Autumny’ in the castle gardens of Arcen. In this strange corona time, this show seemed like the perfect getaway to rediscover nature and enjoy the fall colors.

Every year the castle gardens of Arcen are converted into a beautiful show which the chrysanthemum are specially highlighted. This show presents all the beautiful faces of autumn. In addition, during two weeks an extra light show called the ‘enchanted gardens’ is presented in the evening. This evening show creates a new experience of the gardens.

The castle gardens of Arcen have been proclaimed by the ANWB as ‘Het leukste uitje van Limburg’ (most fun day activity in Limburg). In short, the castle garden of Arcen is an attraction from young to old which is certainly worth a visit.

The show ‘Autumny’ could be admired from 3 October to 1 November 2020. If you missed this edition, there is a new show waiting for you next year.

The construction of  ‘Autumny’ can be seen in a vlog made by Lissy, this video can be found on our video-page.

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