Vegetable cultivation

Vegetable cultivation

In addition to our range of ornamental plants, we have also been growing and cultivating various vegetables for a number of years. The Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) is an example where we pioneered trying to get into the Dutch market. But besides the Ipomoea batatas we also cultivate a number of other vegetables that are just as important.

For example, we are very proud of our Beetroot and Kale which we can carry the “On the way to PlanetProof” quality mark in collaboration with HAK. The company HAK attaches great importance to sustainably grown products and is therefore closely involved with the growers.

“We also discuss which varieties are most suitable for cultivation in our climate that is subject to change and which natural enemies we can use during cultivation. Think of ladybugs that love to eat aphids. ” ( Adri den Dekker, Director of Purchasing, Agriculture & Sustainability at HAK Source: 2020)

Besides the kale and beetroot, also our spinach and winter carrot carry the ‘On the Way to Planet proof ‘ label. This independent label can be seen as ‘ proof ‘ that a product is produced in a sustainable manner.

When this quality mark is awarded, a broad look is taken at the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, animal welfare, biodiversity, nature and landscape.

“In the field of crop protection, we have also been investing in the use of biological resources for a number of years.”

This has a better effect on nature and therefore also on our crops. 

But other products can also be found on our fields such as; beans, cabbage, carrots, leeks, peas and salsify. These as well as the beetroot, strawberry and Ipomoea batatas are Global GAP certified.

The Global GAP certification is intended to be able to offer consumers responsible and sustainable products. It is an international certificate that stands for sustainable production methods resulting in high-quality products.

Finally, we have recently started processing corn into corn bales. And also the production of chards for juice production. These projects are still in full development and hold great promise for the future.

In a video below you can see a short summary of all the products that we have grown.

(You can read the full article about the certification of the ‘On the way to planet proof’ of the beetroot and kale on the website

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