Strawberry Plant

Fragaria – Strawberry plant 

The botanical name Fragaria is derived from the Latin word ‘fraga’ which means strawberry. In symbolism the strawberry stands for momentary pleasure. In many old paintings the strawberry, therefore, is displayed to symbolize momentary pleasure. In the Netherlands both the culture- and woodland strawberry occur.

We produce 3 sorts of strawberry plants in several hanging pots: 22 cm and 25 cm hanging pot:



Loran with white flower
Its compact plant construction and its early bloom characterize the plant. You will appreciate the large and beautiful conical shaped fruits during the whole summer. When you place the plants on a sunny spot in the garden in April-May, the flowers and fruits of ‘Loran’ will appear in a way of several ‘waves’ during summer. ‘Loran’ might possibly develop some foothills. The plants will remain nicely compact in the garden.



Roman with pink flower
Its potency to grow, its apple blossom colored flowers and its aromatic fruit during summer characterize the plant. The dark-bladed plants of ‘Roman’ solely produce foothills for the bloom. The somewhat oblong fruits are medium large with a deep red color.



aardbeienplant-22cm-hangpot-productfoto-rood-donkerroze_SHADOWToscana with red (dark pink) flower
Strawberry F1 ‘Toscana’ develops a vigorous plant with several foothills. The large, dark pink flowers appear quite quickly and later also appears on the foothills. A few weeks after the start of bloom the first fruits are ripe. ‘Toscana’ produces an abundant harvest of beautiful, conical shaped strawberries during the whole summer. The fruits are juicy and taste sweet.



Nursing Tips

Temperature: plants are resistant to light frost
House/Garden: garden- and terrace plant
Light: preference for sun
Water: water sufficiently when the soil is dry
Fertilization: 2x per month
Colors: flowers are white, pink or red (dark pink)
Also suitable for consumption.