Pot Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Indicum – Pot chrysanthemum



The pot chrysanthemum is available in several pot sizes from July till November: 23 cm pot (most common size), 9 cm, 12 cm and 13 cm pot. These plants are grown in the greenhouse. Most plants are produced in 1 color per pot, but we also produce mix-pots in trio (3 colors).


There are 2 kinds, namely topped breeding and disbudded breeding (‘Deko’ in other words fuzz-chrysanthemums with beautiful big flowers, as in the image above).

Nursing Tips

Temperature: plants are not resistant to frost, but can bear cold temperature
House/Garden: house-, garden- and terrace plant
Light: preference for sun
Water: water sufficiently when the soil is dry
Fertilization: the plant has got enough nutrition, so not necessary
Colors: several in single-flowered and double-flowered
Not suitable for consumption.